I was born in Sweden, but because of a chance meeting many years ago with an Irishman who had an international career, I have lived all over the world, and finally landed in County Tipperary, Ireland in 2002. I started my writing career by writing non-fiction and wrote two books about health and fitness (I am a trained fitness teacher). While writing these books, I discovered how much I loved the actual writing process. My then editor gave me the idea to write a fun novel based on my experiences as a diplomat's wife. This became my debut novel, 'Diplomatic Incidents' (now also an e-book with the title Duty Free'), published in 2001. I wrote three further novels, 'European Affairs' (now as an e-book with the title 'Villa Caramel'), 'Fresh Powder' (2006) and 'Finding Margo' (2007). The latter two were published by New Island Books in Dublin.

In 2010, when the publishing industry started to decline, I broke away from both publisher and agent and e-published my back list, along with two novels that were with my agent for submission. Since then I have written and e-published several further novels and, as a result, now have fifteen books out there in the e-book market worldwide. I write mainly in the women's fiction genre, some chick-lit, some contemporary romance, with two historical novels and three detective stories thrown into the mix.

My globetrotting life has provided me with the settings and characters of my novels, mainly set in France, where I lived for four years, and Ireland, where I live now.

We recently bought a holiday cottage on the Dingle peninsula in County Kerry on the west coast of Ireland. I was so inspired by the beautiful landscape and the people there, that I wrote three novels in quick succession, in what would become The Kerry Romance Series: Hot Property, Hot Gossip, and Hot Pursuit, all set in that beautiful county.

The French Riviera, where we have spent many enjoyable holidays, is another place to which I like to take my readers. I have just embarked on a new series set there, the first of which, Selling Dreams, was published in December 2014. I am currently working on the second book, which will have the title Borrowed Dreams, to be published in the late spring of this year.

Apart from writing romantic fiction, I also enjoy co-writing with other authors. My two Scandinavian detective stories, Virtual Strangers and Virtual Suspects, both set in the scary world of the Internet, were co-written with fellow Swede Ola Zaltin of the TV series Wallander fame (he wrote some of the scripts for the TV feature films).

My current co-writing adventure is a series of Boston-Irish political thrillers in collaboration with Boston lawyer and crime writer Pete Morin, the first of which, Full Irish, was published in December 2014 to great critical acclaim. The second book in the series is being written and will be published in the early summer. .

What next? A third book in each of the co-written Irish and Riviera series. And then… Who knows? I'll keep you posted.